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Setting up a complaint management app in Salesforce


 Industry: Non-Profit
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The Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society was already using the Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud and faced the challenge of not being able to fully map and evaluate complaints within Salesforce.

Complaints cover different topics, levels, locations and statuses. The customer also needed to be able to clearly document the individual interactions. An additional challenge was the evaluation of complaints due to the different types and categories.

For the evaluation, it is important to understand the type of complaint, the duration of processing, and the percentage of satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the closed cases.

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To present the complaints based on the customer's requirements, a complaint management app was created in Salesforce, to which selected users have access.

The app features a homepage as well as accounts, contacts and cases. The customer service staff can use the app to process complaints.

Based on the requirements, the case object was extended with additional user-defined fields to meet the specific needs of the customer. To document the individual complaint interactions, a course-of-proceedings-option was added. In addition, it was defined that only system administrators will be able to delete complaints to ensure data security.

To evaluate complaints, reports were developed which can be viewed on the homepage.

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