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eCommerce is on the rise and more customers than ever want connected offline and online experiences across a multitude of channels. The right commerce strategy connects channels, data, and touchpoints to create not just a shopping journey but an experience.

DIGITALL is your partner to optimize your commerce processes, technology, and strategy. With our tech and industry know-how we are able to provide expertise and services perfectly tailored to your business.


We understand how important the end users of the digital solution are. This knowledge - and thus user-centricity - is one of the key elements of our approach, along with design services from UX research to interaction design from the very beginning, enables us to develop solutions that make the difference and create an excellent user experience.


With our holistic consulting approach, we support you in setting up and expanding your digital commerce activities, both in the B2B and B2C sectors. In doing so, we consider all contact points along the customer journey from the consumer's point of view. From this, we derive the appropriate strategies that are tailored to your and your customers' needs.

Based on these findings and and by selecting suitable technologies, – and if you wish also as a multi-cloud-project – our team is able to design, develop and deploy high-performance digital online shops - ready-for-market with an excellent, personalized as well as seamless customer experience. 


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DIGITALL Thoughts Episodes: Boost your Commerce

In short, informative presentations, our commerce experts from DIGITALL, Stripe and Zuora present trends, best practices, and the right methods and technology to strengthen your commerce strategy. Stream the event now. 

Commerce trends are shaping customer needs, shopping standards and business futures

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Customer Centricity

Don't hunt for your customers, instead, build up a customer-centric company culture that aligns with your customers' needs.

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Direct to Consumer

Close customer relationships help companies be more risk-averse, weather disruptive events, and develop their brand further. D2C helps strengthen relationships and control your brand.

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Customer Loyalty

How can you create customer loyalty with attractive incentives and special experiences?


B2C-Commerce: Online Shopping as an experience

Shopping is personal

It is emotional. It is an experience. An experience that consumers want to be led on, to be inspired and to be impressed.  

Gain brand ambassadors

Having a comprehensive product catalog isn’t enough to woo your customers anymore. You need to make them feel attended to, considered, and your messages aligned with them. If you can successfully do that, then you’ve not just gained a customer, you’ve gained a brand ambassador - an individual that has the exponential capacity to influence and win over new customers through conversations and recommendations.

Stay flexible and smart

This is why a modern commerce platform is essential. With innovative technologies, it personalizes content and maximizes usability, which in turn increases the customer lifetime value, and consequently, your company’s success.  

In this ever-changing landscape of commerce development, it's important to set up your platform to adapt to these changes. We therefore offer all our packages with a "headless" approach that allows you to keep up with all the best practices and latest trends in eCommerce. 

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B2C Consulting Packages for your Commerce Kickstart

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B2B-Commerce: Efficient Online Procurement

In the world of online commerce, process efficiency is the main focus for B2B customers. They need complex configurations to be simple to achieve and easy to handle. They expect to be able to make adjustments individually and independently. This is why the process should be digitized. To avoid unnecessary costs and allow actions such as replacements and contract extensions to be carried out smoothly and effectively regardless of the time of day or geographical location. 

Configurators, calculators and digital showrooms enable the digital transformation of the most demanding sales projects. This improvement of usability and user experience creates satisfied customers that want to return. 

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B2B Consulting Packages for your Kickstart

Integrated Online Marketing

Traffic and Conversion for your Online Shop

Reach and relevant content are crucial in both B2C and B2B in order to successfully market an online shop.

We support you professionally, methodically, and technologically:

  • identify the right inbound channels
  • evaluate shop functionalities, such as payment methods, high-conversion-elements or the combination of online and offline channels
  • implement the commerce environment into the existing infrastructure (Cross-Cloud)

We see the online shop as a part of the holistic Unified Commerce, consisting of CRM, marketing automation, ERP, etc.

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Our Digital Marketing Services for B2C and B2B   


We help you develop, implement, and optimize your digital marketing strategy to achieve specific digital goals through individually selected online marketing channels such as paid, earned and owned media. 


We support your search engine marketing to help you rank better and increase traffic, brand awareness and sales/leads. We analyse and expand your SEO  and SEA performance and conceive activities to increase reach.


Digital analytics give you a comprehensive view of the effectiveness of the marketing strategy as a whole. The results of the analytics help you understand exactly what works and what doesn’t and allow you to quickly adjust your strategy and goals in a targeted way. 


Support with the selection of content formats and the creation of relevant and SEO-optimized content. 

Target Group & Personas

The identification of the right target group and the definition of the corresponding personas form the basis of successful online marketing. 

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Christopher Janning

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