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The DIGITALL Galaxy is a blog for leaders, decision makers and innovators who want to digitize their organization. It looks at the digital potential of different markets and industries, explores megatrends, and asks how leadership and company culture can help (or hinder) to lead the digital transformation.

On a weekly basis, you can read about up-to-date market research and get insights into best practices to start your own success story.

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Why do we need the digital transformation?

With the growing demands of users and customers, an increase in competition due to globalization, and the need for more flexibility in an ever-changing world, organizations can no longer rely on traditional IT structures, channels, and processes.

Most users and customers want the choice between classic and new digital channels to communicate, engage, and make their transactions.

However, a mere webpage is not enough to create long-lasting relationships with your target groups. You need seamless, fast, and personalized processes and services that create positive experiences with your brand. Be fast with your replies, gain more transparency over your customers' needs and use tools such as artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience with individualized offers and smart self-service solutions (e.g. chatbots, personalized emails, etc.).

Your organization can also profit from the digitalization by connecting data sources, creating a central data platform and thus optimizing collaboration not just across your entire organization but also with business partners and other stakeholders.

  • Gain transparency over your processes, supply chains, products, and customers.
  • Automate processes to increase efficiency and help your employees with their daily tasks.
  • Enable mobile solutions, so your sales teams can deliver innovative pitches, and your service personnel can delight customers with fast onsight solutions to their problems.
  • Make use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more to transform your business. Create individual reports, work with forecasts, and enable your soft- and hardware to become smarter with every data input.
  • Secure your business with the right technology and methods, to be flexible and agile when it comes to external (and internal) threats.

And much more.

The digital transformation is not a choice. The question is, if you want to wait until you are forced to change your business or if you want to be among the digital leaders that don't just optimize but transform their business models, culture, and future to be more innovative, scalable, and exciting.