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Be smart in your marketing strategy. Our Marketing Cloud Intelligence (formerly Datorama) empowers you to make data-driven marketing decisions.

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Smarter business with Marketing Cloud Intelligence (MCI)

The Marketing Cloud Intelligence solution is a centralized ecosystem of AI-Powered marketing intelligence. It closes the gap between customer business and market demand, by providing actionable reports and insights on areas for optimization. The collectivization of all your data sources, coupled with machine learning, empowers decision makers with tangible information to make industry-defining choices. 

  • A unified platform of marketing data for all stakeholders to measure channel performance
  • Straightforward data integration and preparation 
  • Einstein AI and machine learning that gives a 360 perspective on strategies and results 
  • An all-in-one platform that goes beyond merely reporting numbers, but contextualizes patterns and behaviors.


The success of implementing any system is dependent on the strength of the team behind it. That is why our team of experts have an average of over 4 years of Marketing Cloud Intelligence (formerly Datorama) experience and its implementation process. We provide a 360 degree support service that ensures you get the most out of the platform, at every step of the way. With our collective knowledge and proven skills in the required tech stack, we’ll be your personal consultants, analysts and knowledge base creators. 

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We have an industry-focused end-to-end portfolio, a global presence that has enabled us to build strategic partners, and a big-picture understanding of the market demand in DACH/Europe. All of our knowledge and combined resources are completely at your disposal.

1500+ EXPERTS 

A good product or service is only as good as the team behind it. That’s why we have built a super team of 1500+ experts with the sole purpose of advising you, guiding you, and helping you throughout the process.


We are a recognized Platinum and Gold partner. This means that we’ve committed to a mission of supporting our customers to become a digital leaders of their own and in their market. 

From data composition to training and onboarding, we’re here to help you benefit and enjoy the usability of SaaS. Offering both a technical and business perspective, we don’t stop at enabling your use of dashboards, KPIs and visualizations. Our consulting services also help you to develop workstreams and a robust API connectivity framework.

Implementation goes beyond merely putting the platform in place. This is why we evaluate your business needs, design solutions and create custom KPIs based on client-specific calculations. We consider data architecture design, integration and harmonization, so that reports, actions and solutions are driven by data and continuously add value.

Our support system of Datorama experts enables us to proactively resolve any issues with your account. This service of ongoing maintenance includes optimization of your setup, coaching and training, as well as the introduction of new features. Our dedicated support service is ensures environment management and optimal returns on the software.

Datorama is an entire ecosystem of marketing solutions. An ecosystem that we want to help you navigate and achieve the most rewarding results. The length of the process may vary depending on the complexity of the needs, but we have found that the average process takes 8 weeks from start to finish. Tried, tested and proven - this is what you can expect:  

Week 0-2

Our dedicated team of experts will evaluate your business’ needs and identify the key benefits of using Datorama. We will then design a solution that works specifically with these factors in mind.

Week 3

We will integrate your data by making use of the built-in APi connectors and link them to the most commonly used business software solutions. We also set you up to have custom data ingestion. Answering any questions you have along the way. 

Week 4

This is the moment that we organize your data so that we can build an infrastructure that is centralized and valuable. We call this the “Data Architecture Design”. It is in this part of the process that our team manages your built-in marketing data organization center. 

Week 5-6

Our experts have a profound understanding of the need for harmonization in data and marketing strategies. This is why we dedicate a part of our process to ensuring that there is consistent marketing taxonomy across all data sources. 

Week 7

At this point, your marketing team will have a strong foundation for the most essential elements of successful marketing. However, data is only truly effective when it can be visualized. This is where our team sets up your dashboards with reports and actions, as well as creating custom KPIs based on client-specific calculations. You will have actionable AI insights that will enable in-flight adjustments and optimizations, in addition to an on-demand AI assistant that can support you in data analysis and decision making. 

Week 8

With all the pillars in place, you are now ready to go live. All your marketing data in one centralized platform, ready for optimal application. 

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The key features for your success



Marketing Cloud Intelligence offers an information network of marketing solutions that are easy to understand and easy to deploy.

No sifting through metrics that require decoding. This platform was designed to make marketing a process guided by insights that have immediate value.

With a single click, users can access the MCI SmartLenses dashboard and have a sea of user-friendly KPIs.

With the Einstein Marketing insights, the tool uses AI-powered intelligence to decipher complex mathematical and statistical models in order to deliver actionable steps for optimization.

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Unlike much of the marketing software available, Marketing Cloud Intelligence allows marketers to access all marketing data, in one place, regardless of source or format.

The pre-built library of API connectors makes data-driven decisions easy for every form of marketing. Processes such as data cleansing and data model mapping are automated with the AI-infused assistant - TotalConnect.

Offering an integration engine that not only enables cross-channel control but also enables the perfect blend of a tailored system that can be implemented autonomously.

This dynamic tool leverages a plethora of marketing expertise to analyze data and reveal what approaches are and are not working. Allowing your marketing professionals to implement data, adapt approaches and scale accordingly.

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MCI sifts through a gamut of data so that all insights presented to you are curated and primed for action. Actions that can be automated across platforms.

With a native Slack integration and pre-built apps such as Tableau for all the major marketing channels and challenges, communication is seamless and data exploration is limitless.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence enables Big Data to be converted into bite-sized actionable insights.

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