Migrate to Salesforce

Your guide to the advantages of migrating to Salesforce and how you could structure your digital project. 

Do you want to migrate to Salesforce? 

The decision to change your current CRM system, marketing or commerce solution has been made but now you're working on your shortlist of possible options?

Look no further - in our white paper, we explain the advantages of the Salesforce multi-cloud and give you insights into how we manage and organize our implementation projects so they involve all necessary stakeholders, stay agile, and fulfill all requirements, timelines, and budgets. 

Our Experts support your CRM evaluation

Sometimes, external support can help to gain a new perspective and rely on best practices, and years of experience across different industries and markets. 

Our CRM experts are closely aligned with Salesforce and have the right skills to fit your requirements to the best cloud solution - depending on your business models, markets, stakeholders, system environments, and goals. 

Contact us to set up a meeting and present your use case. 



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Our Salesforce Services

DIGITALL is a close Salesforce partner and supports you in the evaluation, implementation and customization of your perfect Salesforce cloud solution.

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CRM migration

Why do companies and organizations decide to change their old CRM system? In this blog article, we list the most common reasons.

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CRM Evaluation

Are you still in the phase of evaluating the right solution? Our comprehensive guide helps you find the right solution with checklists, best practices, and change management tips.

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