Security Awareness Checklist

Is your team aware of security threats and successful measures? Are your processes safe against malicious attacks? Find out with our checklist. 

Stay protected from cyber-attacks at work

The answer is easy, nobody knows completely, and nobody is 100% prepared and secured.

Next to ever-evolving tools to hack organizational infrastructures, the human factor is still one of the key causes for successful attacks. As such, you don't just have to ensure that your systems are secure but also that your employees, partners, customers, and other users are aware of potential attacks (such as phishing, malware, etc.), set up safe passwords and authentification measures and alert their IT in case of anomalies.

Our DIGITALL Cyber Security team has therefore developed a checklist that covers different aspects of a secure workspace that any individual can adhere to. 

This all-in-one checklist will help you stay protected wherever you work (at the office or remote). It consists of recommendations to make sure that you, your devices, and credentials, as well as any sensitive information are protected and secured.

We offer you Cyber Security support 

Our experts can help you assess, test, and optimize your security measures. Additionally, we offer the set up and managed services of your very own Security Operations Center. 

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