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Download the factsheet to find out why automated IAM is the way to a secure and scalable business. 

Gain more control over who has access to which data & tools

The IT sector is now more regulated than ever. There is no longer room for mistakes because the system is continuously under attack from people and organizations trying to get their hands on important corporate data.

Identity and Access Management can reduce risks, give the appropriate access to every single stakeholder of your company and track activities. But often enough, IAM is done manually and puts a big workload on IT and admin teams. 

With IAM automation, procedures for role assignments on a need-to-know basis (principle of least privilege) are made easier, as well as auditing everything access- and identity-related.

See more about IAM and what important questions to consider before an IAM implementation project in our factsheet.

We offer you Cyber Security support 

Our experts can help you assess, test, and optimize your security measures. Additionally, we offer the set up and managed services of your very own Security Operations Center. 

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