On-Demand Webinar: Security Operations Centers

What is needed for a successful Security Operations Center (SOC)?

Set up your 360° Cyber Security solution

SOC, short for Security Operations Centers, are the modern solution for flexible, transparent, and agile Cyber Security that combines a 360° view of all your data and processes, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to keep up with modern cyber threats, and skilled personnel that optimizes processes, analyses events, and enables all your stakeholders to avoid risky behavior. 

In our On-Demand webinar with IBM, the Cyber Security experts will explain what SOC is, what it can do, and show how it works in operation. 


A Security Operations Center is the answer to modern cyber attacks. With more digital channels than ever, the increase in ransomware attacks, and the ongoing danger of human errors, companies and organizations are struggling to adapt their Cyber Security strategy to the modern age of digitalization. 

An SOC is set up to provide you with the right tools, AI, and human expertise for 24/7 security support. From early detection to a full analysis of critical events up to testing and training of your security measures and employees - our experts will show you in this on-demand webinar, how an SOC works, how it can be adapted to your company and what different service levels we can provide.

Webinar Agenda

In the first part of the webinar, we will take a closer look at the IBM Threat Management portfolio and how it is used to detect, investigate and respond to potential threats quickly.

After that, the DIGITALL team will simulate an attack and show you how the IBM Technology stack detects and prevents it and how the investigation is conducted afterward.

You will see in real-time what we believe is the right mix and how the right technology, used by the right experts, and with the right processes work together to ensure the highest level of organizational security.

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Our Speakers

Michael Kehoe_Profile

Michael Kehoe

European Threat Management Program Director, IBM Security
Alexander Dinchev_Profile

Alexander Dinchev

Senior SOC Team Lead, DIGITALL
Kostadin Ivanov_Profile

Kostadin Ivanov

Senior Penetration Tester, DIGITALL

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