Hyper Personalization & Headless Commerce

Delivering hyper personalized commerce experience through a headless approach 

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Hyper Personalization is a strategy that combines marketing and real-time data analytics to engage with customers in a meaningful way, remove barriers in the sales funnel, provide relevant product offerings and increase customer satisfaction. 

Hear from our experts Christopher Janning, Tabitha Bonsu and Wiebke Bohrmann, how hyper personalization can be used within the field of commerce and what the „headless approach“ in this context. 

Delivering hyper personalized commerce experience through a headless approach ​

Headless Commerce is an eCommerce architecture that basically decouples the front-end from the back-end and therefore allows for a more flexible approach to any front-end environments. The marketing team can, for example, test new designs, copy, and templates independently without compromising the underlying back-end systems. 

Why is headless commerce in combination with hyper personalization a new trend for companies that want to be on top of their eCommerce game? Find out in our presentation. 

Our Speakers

christopher janning

Christopher Janning

B2C Technical Architect @ DIGITALL
Wiebke Bohrmann

Wiebke Bohrmann

Senior Consultant Customer Journey Management @ DIGITALL
Tabitha Bonsu

Tabitha Bonsu

Business Consultant @ DIGITALL

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