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Commerce is always changing. While eCommerce has been growing rapidly, many customers returned to stationary shops in the last year. However, with online shopping on the rise, the competition has become global - customers can pick & choose and are more inclined to switch brands. They use smartphones, switch channels (and brands) and love to explore new technologies.

So, how do you attract new customers and drive loyalty? Our experts are here to give you the answer.

The fundamentals of Commerce have changed – and will continue 

Commerce has changed in the last few years. It's not a choice between digital or stationary anymore, all channels need to be connected to create a fully realized experience.

In our DIGITALL Thoughts Episode, our experts will talk about the changes of the Commerce industry and how they affect businesses, megatrends such as social commerce, subscription models and hyperpersonalization as well as best practices to decrease checkout churn and create long-lasting relationship.

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  • 00:00 - 29:40 / The fundamentals of commerce have changed – and will continue to change 
    Frank Müller, DIGITALL
  • 29:41 - 52:36 / More than just the next big thing: Social Commerce - the future of personalized eCommerce shopping 
    Julia Kirsch, DIGITALL
  • 52:37 - 01:13:41 / Delivering hyper personalized commerce experience through a headless approach 
    Christopher Janning, Tabitha Bonsu & Wiebke Bohrmann, DIGITALL
  • 01:13:42 -  01:34:02 / Avoid the common errors that cost you at checkout 
    Filip Juric, Stripe
  • 01:34:03 - 01:55:52 / Fuel the growth of your eCommerce business with subscriptions
    Elizabeth Glover, Zuora
  • 01:55:53 - 02:17:18 / Next Level Customer Loyalty – engaging consumers long term 
    Christian Doering, DIGITALL

Our Speakers

Frank Müller

Frank Müller

Head of Digital Consulting diva-e
Julia Kirsch

Julia Kirsch

Senior Business Consultant @ DIGITALL
christopher janning

Christopher Janning

B2C Technical Architect @ DIGITALL
Wiebke Bohrmann

Wiebke Bohrmann

Senior Consultant Customer Journey Management @ DIGITALL
Tabitha Bonsu

Tabitha Bonsu

Business Consultant @ DIGITALL
Filip Juric

Filip Juric

Sales & Growth @ Stripe
Liz Glover

Elizabeth Glover

Senior Director International Marketing @ Zuora
Christian Doering

Christian Doering

B2B Commerce Lead @ DIGITALL

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